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La vision de la Bhagavad Gita - The Vision of the Bhagavad Gīta

3 au 5 juillet - 3rd to 5th of July, 2020



Ce séminaire se déroulera en anglais et en français -


The Vision of The Bhagavad Gīta




A beautiful teaching from exceptional teachers Neema & Surya who will visit us from India to share their extensive knowledge in Vedanta.




For centuries, the Bhagavad Gita has remained the single most influential spiritual text shaping Indian thought and life. It is a dialogue between Lord Krishna and the prince-warrior Arjuna in the middle of the battle field, when Arjuna was confused about his course of action.




The Gīta unfolds the entire vision of Vedanta in a profound manner. Lord Krishna reveals to us through Arjuna the ultimate reality as well as the means to prepare oneself for the knowledge through various practices & shifts in attitude. The predicament of Arjuna is faced by each of us in various walks of our lives and hence, this teaching can give us insight into how to live our life more objectively and effectively.




Neema Majmudar and Surya Tahora have studied with Swami Dayananda Saraswati, renowned scholar of Vedanta. Both have gone through intensive courses of Vedanta studying texts such as the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita and many scriptures in great depth with the commentaries of Śankara, and the Panini system of Sanskrit grammar. They have been teaching Vedanta in India and abroad for several years. Neema and Surya teach in a captivating way, with storytelling, traditional chanting and guided meditations.




You can read more about their work on their website: http://www.discovervedanta.com






Venue: Centre Pérou, Avenue du Pérou 23, Bruxelles -1000


Timings: Friday 3rd of July, 2020: 5.30PM-8.30PM


Saturday & Sunday 4th & 5th of July, 2020: 10AM-5PM




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Until 30th April 2018 : EUR 160 for full weekend


From 1st May 2018 : EUR 175 for full weekend




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